Private Investors can now access our online property investment platform

Posted May 9, 2019


Private Investors can now access our online property investment platform

We are pleased  to announce that our doors are now open to private investors!

Having launched to institutional investors in 2017, we are excited to now enable private investors to also earn attractive returns from our secured property lending scheme. From an investment of £1,000, private investors can benefit from attractive returns of up to 5.5% per annum, derived from investing in carefully-selected property companies, secured on quality properties with first charge security and in excess of 150% asset cover.  This means every £100 loan, for example, is secured against £150 of bricks and mortar assets.


Our £100 million institutional platform for private investors is now open

Offering high risk-adjusted returns on fully-vetted, property-backed loans

We provide investors with the enhanced reassurance of a business built and run by a highly-experienced expert team operating a ‘7-Step Risk Control’ process developed over many years of experience and success in secured property lending.  Through these thorough checks, we reject around 80% to 90% of loan requests and to date have not experienced any defaults.

Our lending is focused on experienced residential and commercial property developers, with a strong record of successful projects. Typical loan durations are 12 to 48 months and the maximum loan to value is usually limited to 65% or less of development value, helping further to control risk.

Our online property investment platform now makes it easier for individual investors to fund and benefit from opportunities usually only available to institutional investors.

Our Chairman, Phillip Rose, explains the strengths of our property lending and investing platform:

“The launch of Fitzrovia Finance provides further evidence that the online lending arena is entering a new phase, marked by experienced players from established business sectors launching institutional quality platforms to offer the best of the old and the new. Fitzrovia Finance is combining the established group’s lending pedigree with the efficiency, value and open access of its platform to offer investors more choice, better service and a stronger focus on security.”

Brad Bauman, CEO of Fitzrovia Finance said:

“In addition to focussing on carefully managing risk, and maximising security, our experienced professional lending team ensures investors are given access to carefully vetted property lending opportunities and prudently monitored loans on an ongoing basis. “

Katia Pourgalis, our COO, highlights how we have focused on providing a great all-round user experience:

“We compete by offering better rates to better borrowers, in less time and with less hassle, armed with the insight and hands-on experience of our seasoned lending team. We then make these attractive, property-backed returns to our preferred borrowers available to investors with ease and convenience via our state-of-the-art platform.”

Property-backed investment just got simple for private investors

As an investor, you can either select individual property-backed loans to invest in via the ‘Fitzrovia Freedom’ option, or you can use the ‘Fitzrovia Smart’ option which automatically and intelligently spreads investments against a pool of loans selected from Fitzrovia Finance’s portfolio to invest with one-touch convenience.

Interested in finding out more? Click here to learn more about our online property investment platform. Register for free and deposit funds when you are ready.


When making an investment in a loan your capital is at risk. To understand the risks associated with your investment, please refer to our Risk Warnings.